Croquet Original Championship Mallet

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The Original Mallet was designed by former World Champion Joe Hogan and is the UK Croquet Associations biggest selling mallet. Ideal for both Golf Croquet and Association Croquet

Original Mallets have octagonal wooden handles with a turned lower section and 9 1/4” long rectangular heads. They’re available in weights from 2.00lbs 8oz through to 3lbs.04oz and overall lengths from 28” up to 42”. By far the most popular mallet specification is 3.00lbs in weight with an overall length of 36”.


The mallet heads are made from Malaysian Quila or more recently, South American Massa which is extremely hard, dense and stable.   They both carry independant 'FSC Pure' certification that it is sourced from 100% legal and well managed forests.

The timber is kiln dried timber and has an inlaid sighting line and ‘Tufnol’ end plates fitted. Tufnol is widely recognized as being the most satisfactory material for use on the striking area of a croquet mallet. It’s a 12mm thick brown resin-impregnated cloth material, which is bonded with a slightly flexible adhesive onto the ends. The end plates are virtually unbreakable and provide a crisp and true surface for striking the ball.

Our standard mallet head measures 235mm (9 1/4") long x 60mm (2 3/8") wide x 65mm (2 1/2") high. Mallet heads may be made to other specifications if you prefer.


As the saying goes, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear”. The selection of raw materials is critical to the performance of what we firmly believe to be some of the best value croquet mallets in the world. Only selected clear American white ash is used for the handles.

The lower half of the handle is turned on a copy lathe and the top half is hand shaped to a positive and traditional octagonal pattern as pictured. The standard size is 25 mm x 30 mm. This may also be customized. The average wooden handle weighs 12 3/4 ounces.

First grade ash handles are available at NZ$ 55.00 each .


When an appropriate mallet handle has been fitted, lead weights are inserted into predrilled holes on the under side of the head and then plugged with quila dowels to achieve the desired overall weight.

The standard weight mallet is 3.00 lbs overall. Mallet weights from 2.lbs 2oz to 3lbs 4oz can be made at no extra charge.

Our distinctive gold crest is stamped on one side of the mallet head and the overall mallet weight stamped on the handle. Each mallet then receives no less than four spray coats of epoxy urethane with sanding in between coats to create a high luster, hard wearing finish.


To personalize the mallet, short names or initials may be stamped on the blank side of the mallet head in gold at no extra charge. Please note that we can only print in capitals at 36pts as shown below. 10 letters is the maximum.


Our most popular grips are split leather (suede), available in a range of colors. Occasionally some colors may be unavailable and shades do vary.

The colors of the grips currently available are as follows:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Yellow 
  • White
  • Tan
  • Navy Blue

For further details on selecting the right mallet, visit our croquet mallet options page. Roll grips may also be fitted to the shaft if required. Please email George if you have any queries.