Discovery Mallet

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These mallets have been added to our inventory by popular demand. They're a hybrid between the Original and Evolution mallets using lightweight carbon/EVA handles and rosewood heads with tufnol end plates.


The heads are made from beautiful Indian rosewood with inlaid sighting lines of sycamore. The timber is semi processed and air dried before having an inlaid sighting line and ‘Tufnol’ end plates fitted. Tufnol is widely recognized as being the most satisfactory material for use on the striking area of a croquet mallet. It’s a 12mm thick brown resin-impregnated cloth material, which is bonded with a slightly flexible adhesive onto the ends. The end plates are virtually unbreakable and provide a crisp and true surface for striking the ball.

Our standard mallet head measures 235mm (9 1/4") long x 60mm (2 3/8") wide x 65mm (2 1/2") high. Mallet heads may be made to other specifications if you prefer.


When an appropriate mallet handle has been fitted, lead weights are inserted into predrilled holes on the under side of the head and then plugged with quila dowels to achieve the desired overall weight. Our standard weight mallet is 3.00 lbs overall. Mallet weights from 2lbs 2oz to 3lbs 4oz may be custom made at no extra charge.

The standard weight mallet is 3.00 lbs overall. Mallet weights from 2.lbs 2oz to 3lbs 4oz can be made at no extra charge.

Our distinctive gold crest is stamped on one side of the mallet head and the overall mallet weight stamped on the handle. Each mallet then receives no less than four spray coats of epoxy urethane with sanding in between coats to create a high luster, hard wearing finish.


To personalize the mallet, short names or initials may be stamped on the blank side of the mallet head in gold at no extra charge. Please note that we can only print in capitals at 36pts as shown below. 10 letters is the maximum.


A popular option is to have the top section of the handle shaped to an octagonal pattern 31mm x 27mm with an 8" lower roll grip hand turned to an attractive and comfortable shape. For golf croquet players the roll grip is less likely to be required so the octagonal section is extended. Handles and heads can of course to be custom made to order. The preferred style of handle can be specified when ordering.

The virtually indestructible 17 mm diameter carbon and fiber glass shaft is foam filled to minimize vibrations.

EVA is a closed cell foam grip material being waterproof, comfortable and light. The EVA is specifically made in a 35mm tubular form of relatively firm hardness. The grip sections are individually shaped to a traditional octagonal shape measuring 31mm x 27mm but this can be customized to suit the player. All mallets are supplied with a medium stiff flex unless otherwise requested. A slightly more flexible shaft is available upon request for players wanting a more lively handle. The whole handle weighs an average of just 10 ounces. Unless specifically requested, the EVA comes to within 50mm of the head, however, we can adjust this length as required. We can also supply the handles with different diameters or 35mm round shape if preferred.

As an optional extra, these are available with aluminium fittings so that the heads can be removed for travel or changed over.