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`-Superior quality grosgrain ribbon belt -Brass D-rings -Handmade in NYC   Sizing: XS 26-29" Waist S 30-33" Waist M 34-36" Waist L 37-40" Waist XL 40-44" Waist XXL 45+" Waist The Belts: Florence: While Paris may be the birthplace of fashion, Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance, and today synonymous with style. This belt offers a more refined stripe, one that goes well Dark Jeans or Pants. Intrepid Belt, thicker and more robust, emblazoned with a patch of leather, emblematic of strength and with a harkening back to the Aircraft Carrier Museum in New York City, is the perfect belt for this summer. There are a limited number of these left, so get them while they’re still here.   Kingfisher: Named for the Kingfisher birds, this colorful belt matches well with Light Jeans or Khakis. It’s conservative pattern is great for anyone not wanting to make too much of a statement, but still stand out in a crowd.   Pheasant: The sheen of this belt is reminiscent of the flash of colors seen when a pheasant jumps from the brush. There is a glow to this belt that will shine through any dark day. It’s perfect with Jeans and a classic belt to add to your collection.   Piper: This bright classic summer belt is to be worn with almost any outfit, either light or dark. It will highlight your tasteful attitude and adventurous disposition as you’re boarding the yacht, champagne glass in hand.   Selvedge: By far our most popular belt, the Selvedge Belt has a denim-like feel and look unlike any other Grosgrain offered anywhere. This classic belt is a must for any collection.   Snowbird:  With its bold Blue and White design, the Snowbird Belt is perfect for complimenting a pair of Jeans while making your way to the slopes in Park City. This classic belt, one of our first released, is a favorite amongst men and women who have a distinctive and timeless style. Wallace: This conservatively designed belt is a perfect introduction to Ribbon Belts for the Novice, or a great everyday belt for the aficionado. It’s on page 6 of the Idiots Guide to Grosgrain Ribbon.